Burleson, TX

Baby bedding

Any websites or store where they sale crib bedding for a reasonable price? I would prefer a bedding set for a nursery. Every where I’ve looked only sale 4pc bedding sets. Looking for something with more than 4pc (amazon, buybuy baby)

Playing with toys upside down

Recently my son started playing with his big toys upside down is this normal? He loves cars it feels like he wants to play with his cars on the bottom of the surface( flat )of his big toys just a bit concerned. Help?????

Car seats

Any suggestions on toddlers best/comfortable car seats? Want to invest in something well worth for my soon to be 2 year old. Don’t get me wrong he has 1 from Walmart but we want dad to have 1 in his car too. Thanks

Potty training tips and advice

We recently found out we’re expecting baby #2. I want to start potty training my 22 month old son but have NO idea how to even start any suggestions??? We already have a potty for him out but that’s about it.

Runny nose & coughing

Anything for a runny nose and cough for my 20 month old toddler? I have a Vick’s humidifier on


My 20m old son has been having diarrhea SO BAD that he gets it EVERYWHERE for 2 days already. He was just sick with stomach bug like 4 days ago with vomiting which that stopped within a day. Is there anything i can give him to help him with that diarrhea? I’m worried

Sick toddler

My 20m old has been throwing up all day literally everything comes right back out. Called his dr she said to go to the ER if he doesn’t have wet diaper in 8hrs, have him drink lots of water and to start his diet tomorrow depending on how he’s doing. Even though he’s going peepee but it’s VERY little. What do I do? Is my baby dehydrated?

First time mom, my toddler 20months will take his pajama pants/shorts off

Before we wind down for bed what could it possibly be???? But does keep diaper on lol (I pay attention to everything he does)

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