Riverside, CA

I’m a new mom of twin girls.. it’s been a very interesting year for me to jump in and be a mom.

Sandra posted in Behavior Jan 23

Separation anxiety help!

I recently got a gym membership with a kids club. I got the gym membership with the daycare so I wouldn’t have to worry about childcare when I work out but every time I take my twins to the daycare they cry and make themselves throw up and I can’t work out because I have to go home because they threw up is there a way that I can fix this or should I just leave them with a family member. I have ... More

Body change

I went from 165 before pregnancy to 230 while pregnant ...I gained so much weight with my twins and I can’t lose it. I’ve tried dieting and I can’t really exercise because I have no one to watch my girls. The gyms that offer child care are out of my budget. I want to do at home workouts but my daughters are alway at my side ... I can’t remember showering or using the bathroom without one of t... More

13 month old keeps taking her diaper off

she takes it off and then pees right after it’s off..and when she poops she take it off .. I try my best to be on top of changing her right after but she get impatient will I’m changing her mom told me I should start potty training her but isnt she to little to learn?

Biting emergency

My daughter Scarlett keeps biting her twin hen they fight or her annoyed of her sister. What do I do to get her to stop. How do I discipline her. I don’t want her to continue this habit and I don’t want her to bite anyone’s kid.

Play dates

Any moms live in riverside CA that wants to have a play date my twins are 11 months

How do I tell my Sister in law her son is to rough?

My nephewis 2 yrs but has the body of a 4 yr. My twins are 11months and barely picking up how to walk. When I watch him he’s always pushing them over and taking their toys from their hand and won’t let them play with anything. I can’t really spank him because he’s not my kid. And when I tell him no and be nice he just get worse. Plus he doesn’t talk so I can’t tell what he’s wants or anything. ... More

Medical scares

One of my daughters has a mass behind her ear and we got a biopsy done last Monday. I’m so scared to learn the results of her mass. I cry when I look at her. We get the results this following Tuesday. Everyone says do worry it will be a okay hopefully it’s nothing. How can I not worry I grow larger every day and sometimes it hurts her. I just don’t know what to do with my emotions and thoughts.

Thumb sucking

My daughter is 11 months and she sucks her thumb. She has 4 top teeth and two bottom. At what age should I start stopping her from doing it so she doesn’t mess up her teeth? And how?

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