West Warwick, RI

Mom of a 20 month old and due with his brother in 7 weeks from now! Pregnant has been really tough because of having hyperemesis gravidarum my entire pregnancy. I can’t work, even daily tasks take so much energy.

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Anyone dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum ?

I have been dealing with HG for about 30 weeks now and being on anti nausea meds around the clock. I can’t work, i have trouble keeping up with house chores and my husband has been the sole care taker of our 20 month old and finances. Would love some feed back it can feel so lonely...

Any moms feel stir crazy from the transition to becoming a stay at home mom?

Nobody warns you about how hard the transition from working all the time and having to change over to being home all day not having any adult interaction. A part of me feels bad about this because I love my son and want to be with him all the time yet crave to have that “importance again” Any advice ?

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