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Kristen posted in Holidays Dec 04

Christmas present

I told my husband I wanted storage totes and a day to clean the house for Christmas. He just looked at me like it was a trick. We have a 2 yr old and I just want a clean house!!!! Instead of piles. Am I the only one?

Kristen posted in Behavior Aug 18

terrible twos

Five meltdown, 2 time outs, and everything is no no no all before noon. Terrible twos are at my house. Thank goodness for naps!

Kristen posted in Sleep Aug 10

Poll about co-sleeping

What would you rather have... A. Your LO wake up in the middle of the night and come sleep in your bed. But they sleep until 8am B. Sleeps in their own bed through out night but wake up 6am.

Birthday party crazy!

I'm a little crazy about planning my son birthday party. Last year was his 1st birthday and I started planning in mid August and his party was mid October. This year I'm already starting to think of a theme. Anyone else start planning way toooo early? I like making most of the decorations myself and not have to rush.

Kristen posted in Sleep Jun 26

My son thinks he is the sun

My 20month old hasn't be sleeping good at all. He will fight going to sleep until 10p and then he is back up around 5:30/6am. He naps around 11a-1pm. I dont understand why he is doing this. He is getting teeth but we give him medicine before bed. Any ideas or suggestions?

Kristen posted in Funny Feb 10

Does anyone else get the "do you like being a mom" question? Its normally people I haven't seen since I had a kid but it's just weird. I just want to be like no its horrible you want him? Just to see there reaction.

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