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Extremely depressed

I am wreck at the moment, my 8 week baby sleeps too much .. almost through the night and then during the day as well... I have had her after years of struggle through IVF.. seen many DRs they say it ok and wake her up for feeds and some says feed her on demand.. she lifts her head when he is on my chest for burp.. not on tummy time.. just once on tummy.. sleeps only on left.. which she manages ... More

Sleep pattern

Can babies sleep throughout the night by almost 2 months..

Long naps

My 6 weeks at times sleep for 7 hours, unless I wake her up for feeds? Has someone experience this? Is it ok to let Them sleep that long.. she is more than her birth weight

Week 8 growth

My baby is 3 days short of 8 weeks, doesn’t hold her head for long... not on tummy time... but when I hold her for burp, she manages to keep her head up for few seconds.. she doesn’t smile at me or follow object yet and Internet development milestones suggest this as a concern.. should I be worried?

Spills the milk

My 7 week old baby spills a lot of milk from her mouth. Whether she’s being bottle-fed or breast. Has anyone faced this issue before or does it get better with time? it’s not tongue tie.. I have checked with doctor

Sleeping position

My 1 month sleeps only on her left side, literally curves her leg and back from day one and sleeps on sides at best she can sleep on her right if I put her that way... I am really worried has someone exp this with their baby.. doctors don’t seem to help or give a clear response... please help

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