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Screen time? Too much? Not enough?

I’ve read the articles and I think I understand why most studies show that too much screen time can be disabling to children. However, I believe that it can be a useful tool to their growing brains as well. Of course, if done in moderation. He’s only 3 and my wife and I are very conscious of how much TV, phone, tablet or video games he can have or have access too, but I’m curious. What do othe... More

Cj posted in Sleep Feb 22

Full or twin??

It’s time to move this baby into a big boy bed. My wife and I are currently in an on going debate about what type a bed our son should go into. We’ve both read it can’t be too big, because it maybe too intimidating and it can’t be to small because he’s about to go though a big growth spurt here soon. So, I would like to ask, which is more appropriate for a growing 3 year old? Full or twin?


Looking for potty training advice for my 2.5 year old. Anything you’re willing to share that would help us on our journey. I feel like he’s ready. Thank you.

Cj posted in Sleep Mar 22, 2018

My wife and I have opposite schedules. She works days in the front half of the week and I, nights during the back half. I am usually the one who puts our son to sleep. I read to him, sing to him, and after about 15 to 20 minuets, he falls asleep. My wife has two nights with our son when I work, where she is by her self with him. And for her, bed time is chaotic. I constantly receive texts fr... More

What’s a good age to start looking for piano lessons for my son?

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