Springfield, IL

Alexis posted in Behavior Sep 17

Diaper changing drama

My 21 month old son within the last couple of weeks has started throwing MAJOR tantrums during diaper changes. Like screaming and flailing around as if someone is going to hurt him. I stay home with him so he doesnt go to daycare. The only people who have ever changed his diaper are family and the ladies in the church nursery. I cannot figure out what his deal is. He never did this before. Its ... More

Bad reaction to mosquito bites...

My 7 month old gets huge red bumps when he gets bit by a mosquito that take several days to go away. He had several bites the other day (my sister had him outside in a mosquito infested area when she was babysitting ugh). One on his ear turned his entire ear bright red for like 3 days. He also had two on his cheek that were really red and several on his legs and feet that were red and even look... More

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