Tewksbury, MA

A mom of two active boys!!

Throwing tantrums

My oldest (turning 3 in April) for the last week or so has been throwing tantrums every time he is told “no” or doesn’t get his way. I’m not too sure what to do about it. I try to speak calmly and give him other options but that doesn’t seem to help. Most of the time ignoring him works... What happened to my easy going toddler who would listen most of the time but now it’s a battle. Is the ther... More

Potty tips

My son who will be 3 in April has been daytime potty trained for a few months- did great, picked it up so quick and self initiated for both pee and poop. Now, poop is iffy- sometimes he will do it in the toilet, other times he holds it for his nap time pull-up. Just looking for some tips in what I can do to help him get back to self initiating poop. Thanks in advance :)

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