Aleksa B.

Aleksa B.

Concord, CA

Hi there!! :D My name is Aleksa, 23. I am a happy wife, and a proud first time momma of a very active almost one year old! My husband and I are looking forward to meeting other mommy’s and daddy’s in our area, we are very friendly, fun, and strong in our faith.❤️ May Jehovah Shalom Be With You. 🙏🏼

Not eating 9 almost 10 month old.

Hey mommas!! I am super stressed as my little one is not eating the same as he used to.. he used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and now barely eats anything except his cereal snacks & some of our food. He is breast fed but I feel like (I bet any mom feels) that he Is not getting enough. ALSO! What do I do with the purées I’ve bought that he won’t eat?? ive tried many times and he still ... More

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