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Cookbook recommendations?

I’m gonna cut down my 14 months old baby girls milk bottles to twice a day. She doesn’t really eat much solid foods, I want her to start eating but before I do it I want to be prepared and be consistent on giving her solid foods and I want to make sure that it taste good. I don’t have time to google her every meal. Any recommendations mommies? Thanks in advance! 😉

Help! My baby stopped eating solids.

My almost 14 months old baby girl doesn’t like solid food. There are few times she eats Cheerios, bread, fruits and baby biscuits. She drinks the beech nut prune baby food and some fruit medleys. I also blend chicken porridge and drinks it. But now she stopped eating solids. She stopped swallowing any solid foods. Do you think it’s because of her teeth? Her teeth came out late. I’m running out ... More

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