Los Angeles, CA

Home made baby foods

I usually give my baby fruits, veggies, baby oatmeal / cereal . I want to start expanding it more to mixing / blending different things together . Any fruits & veggies I can mix and still taste good ? Or any baby snacks / ideas you do ? P.S : my baby is 6 months .

Checking in

I just wanted to ask you all how is your day going? How are you feeling ? How is your little one(s)? I woke up today 6:40am. It’s my day off (I work nights) so I am tired, but up! My partner didn’t work today so he will be helping with the baby while I TRY to nap. She had been throwing a fit for everything! She has only napped 1x for 30 mins so I’m trying to put her to sleep or tire her out, ... More

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