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Tj posted in Babies May 17, 2019

Introducing bottle

Any tips on how to introduce my 3.5 month old to the bottle? She will be starting daycare in a month.

Going to daycare meltdowns?

My two year old manages his tantrums fairly well, but recently he’s been struggling to accept he has to go to daycare. He’s been going since 7 months so it’s nothing new and he used to enjoy leaving in the morning. But he was sick a few weeks ago and got to stay home with me, and since then he’s been difficult with his morning routine. I should also mention we have a 3 month old who is stays ho... More


Has anyone seen the new Dumbo movie yet? I’m wondering if it is too sad or scary for a 2 year old.

Won’t let me read books

My 2 year old always says “no mama, no book” when I open a book. He will do his best to close it (including sitting on it if I resist). He always wants to to play cars or something else, which I’m cool with, but you know, all the blogs and guidance say read to your kids daily. I’ve tried reading aloud while he plays as well as just sitting silently with a book, but it’s as if he is jealous of t... More

Disney with 2 y/o and 3 month old...

We will be visiting family in Shanghai and going to the new Disneyland there. Any advice about strollers or rides or just general sanity-keeping tips when visiting theme parks would be much appreciated!

Teaching letters?

What are some ways to engage my 2 year old in learning the letters of the alphabet?

Tj posted in Parties Dec 23, 2018

First child’s birthday party right after sibling’s birth?

My second child is due about 1-2 weeks before my son’s 2nd birthday. I want him to have a birthday party, but at the same time I won’t be in the position to do much organizing and I’m concerned about bringing my newborn. Any suggestions of easy party ideas? Should I be concerned about germs and the new baby if she’s generally kept in her bassinet?

My 14 month old suddenly started overlapping his arms (really looks like the “bullshit” arm motion if you know it), and he really seems to be trying to tell me something. I asked his daycare today if this is a sign they use and they said no. I thought perhaps the sign for “change” but it hasn’t correlated with a wet or dirty diaper. Anyone seen this before or thoughts what he is trying to commu... More

Tj posted in Flying Apr 06, 2018

Taking my 14 month old to Shanghai by myself. Feeling anxious about how crowded and hectic it is and how to best get around with a kid who just wants to run. Not to mention the 13.5 hr flight. Any tips, warnings or experiences to share?

Tj posted in Babies Oct 09, 2017

For the last week or so my son doesn’t seem to want to wake up from his late day nap. He will wake up look around and go back to sleep, repeatedly. I don’t try hard to wake him because I assume he needs the sleep, yet I’m worried it will throw his internal clock off. The naps almost cross into the time when he would otherwise be getting ready to bed. Anyone else had this around 8 months? Or an... More

Tj posted in Sleep Sep 30, 2017

I think I’m going to skip the crib and go to a twin mattress on the floor when it’s time. What features should I look for in a mattress? Firm, soft, foam, etc?

What are some thoughtful things to do for daycare teachers? I know they constantly see kids cycle in and out, but since they are a big part of my baby's life I want them to be able to share that individual connection and show appreciation.

Tj posted in Babies Sep 21, 2017

Is there anything I should know or prepare myself for with an early walker? My 7 month old just started pushing his push walker so I'm guessing he will be walking sooner than we thought. I'm babyproofing things earlier than expected, but other than that, is there anything I should look out for more than if he were starting a little older?

Looking for costume ideas for my family of three! My son will be almost 9 months old by Halloween.

Tj posted in Babies Sep 12, 2017

When is a good age or stage to teach a baby to grab food out of a container, like a bowl or snack cup? My son is just getting the hang of picking up his food of his tray and I hand him food if we are out somewhere with no tray.

Any recommendations for a baby table and chair set? Looking for something safe and sturdy that won't fall or slide.

Tj posted in Babies Aug 16, 2017

Any tips to keep a 6 month old entertained in a high chair? I currently tie a toy to the handle and offer water and puffs, but it's losing it's novelty. He is constantly reaching for anything out of reach and seems to be getting bored and cranky.

Tj posted in Babies Aug 04, 2017

Any suggestions of fiber or protein baby snacks? I like the convenience of puffs but they don't contain either. I'm looking for something that doesn't need to be spoon fed or prepared for traveling.

Any tips on how to integrate sign language into everyday activities? Favorite/best to know signs?

Tj posted in Babies Jul 12, 2017

Any regrets of things you did (or wished you did earlier) when introducing solids? We are going to start in a few weeks when my son turns 6 months.

When do babies start taking an interest in books? Online articles says to read from birth and point to pictures and talk, and while my son likes when I talk/read to him face to face, he doesn't seem to care about looking at or touching any books. I have black and white, crinkle, board, and regular books but he's indifferent and often times bored or annoyed. Wondering if I should just ... More

Tj posted in Babies Jun 19, 2017

Anyone else get sweat spots under baby's head when sleeping? My son is 4 months so I don't know if this is still normal at this age. It seems to happen despite what he wears and I can only think perhaps it's because he's usually next to my warm body. He sleeps great despite it.

Any recommendations for toys for a toddler with speech delay? I'm going to a birthday party for a 3 year old boy and want to get something useful (and fun!).

Tj posted in Babies Jun 05, 2017

How far in advance did you see signs of teething before the tooth came in? My son just hit four months, and suddenly he goes from laughing to full on crying in a split second. Even in his sleep he will let out a distressed cry now and then. He's been drooling with hand in the mouth for a while now, but I don't really see anything different in his gum line. Could this be teething, or wo... More

Are there any water activities/toys for a baby who can't sit up yet? My son loves swimming but I'm looking for something quick and easy for backyard play. I've tried supporting him seated with Tupperware filled with water and rings but it seems uncomfortable with the rim of the container and him leaning over.

Tj posted in Babies May 20, 2017

So my son started rolling from his back to his tummy but he hasn't learned how to roll from his tummy to his back. Should I be concerned because I thought it's OK for them to roll onto their tummy because by that point they were generally know how to roll out of it. Should I be teaching him how to roll out on to his back or is it not a big deal and I should let nature take its course?

Tj posted in Babies May 12, 2017

Anyone have tips for baby nails? My little man has nails of steel and he sometimes scratches his face. Currently I use a baby file to round them but I swear they grow back sharper by the next day!

Tj posted in Babies May 11, 2017

My son will be 7 months when we take our first big trip. Standard hotel rooms only have a mini fridge and I'm worried they only keep thing cool, not cold. I'm worried about how to keep breast milk and other foods he may have started in good condition, as well as how to prepare them without a stove top. Should I be looking for a room with a kitchenette or are there ways of doing taking c... More

Tj posted in Babies Apr 23, 2017

Any recommendations of brands for non-skinny, stretchy jeans? My son is at little over 16 lbs and not even 3 months old so we've been buying older baby clothes. But it seems when it comes to jeans, the legs are longer but the waists are still small. I'd love to add a denim look to his wardrobe.

Tj posted in Babies Apr 14, 2017

We're planning to go to Maui when our son is around 7 months old. Any recommendations on where to stay? Ideally with beach access so we don't have to deal with toting all the baby gear and the baby in a rental car.

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