Tomball, TX

Mommy to 3 wonderfully sweet kids. Married💍 Love meeting new people and going to new places.

Flossing ¡need to know!

Hi there! I have a 6 year that just recently started asking me about "the germs hiding in between her teeth?" Which made me wonder, what is the right age to teach flossing? And what are some tips to follow

My 3 year old won't listen

So, big news, I am expecting! My 4th baby...We are all very excited except, I know it's said that some children act out because they unconsciously think they are being replaced or mommy and daddy won't have time for them..but my 3 year old is taking it to a whole new level of acting out. She won't listen for anything. She has always listened to me when we out and now I can ask her 2... More

Ear throat nose doctors

Does anyone have a good ear throat nose doctor that is cheap and accepts cash payments. Our insurance won't cover that kind of doctor so i'm forced to look elsewhere. Thank you all in advance!

Genesis recommended a place Nov 14, 2018


Love going to Burroughs Park. Really close by. Well kept.

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