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Nanny suggestions

I am tired of searching a reliable nanny for my 17 months baby. Can anyone recommend any for 60656 location please. Thank you in advance

My baby won’t eat. She is 16 months old

I don’t know why she is not eating properly nowadays. She was a good eater until 15 months. And now she loves to eat snacks rather food. I am worried she will lose weight if this thing continues. What should I do?

Is it ok to use microwave to cook baby food

I have been using microwave to boil fruits to make purée for my baby as she has recently started eating solids. It is less time consuming and boils fruit chunks in 5 mins or less. Was wondering is it fine to use the microwave? Please suggest.

Anu posted in Safety Jan 06

9 month old always jumps from heights

My baby is expert in crawling now and I don’t know why she loves jumping off the table, bed, stroller etc. i usually keep her as engaged as I could but for a fraction of second if I take my eyes off she just jumps off even the stroller if i get delayed in securing the belts. I am so so tense. Is it normal for babies to do such things? Do they get serious injuries during such incidents?

Is it ok to let a baby remain on solids for 6 hours in the morning?

My baby is 7 months old now and she is exclusively breast fed. I got a part time job and have to leave her with the nanny. She don’t like formula and bottles. Is it ok if I ask the nanny to feed her solids from 8am to 2pm till I return back to home?

My baby is a breast fed baby since birth. She is 6 months old now. She doesn’t like formula at all.

How can I make her eat formula and take bottles. I have to start work soon and will have to leave her with nanny soon.

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