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I have a wonderful boyfriend and a five year old son

Elissa posted in Behavior Dec 06


My 5 year old has the most difficult time focusing on any task. He has just started this so it’s not something we’ve been dealing with and I don’t believe he has ADD. He just will not focus. Today, he kept reaching for stuff while doing homework. I moved it so he looked at me and spitefully reached for something else. And this happened a few more times until I made him sit on his hands (we were... More

Baby names!!

My boyfriend likes ‘normal’ names... pretty much traditional or common names. Which I am fine with. We have decided on Oliver for a boy, but are undecided on a girl name. So.... 1. What is a good middle name for Oliver. We like Ryan or Nicholas, but are also open to any suggestions. 2. We like Amelia, Emily, Charlotte, and Claire for girls. Need opinions! Or any other suggestions :)

Any tips on making the weekends easier on my stepson?

A is 5 and absolutely hates going to his mom’s. He cries and argues. Refuses to help get his clothes or shoes on. I try telling him mommy loves and misses him and wants to see him. That me and daddy have to share him with mommy and he will be back in just 2 days. I hate him being that miserable.... any tips to make leaving easier on him? Disclaimer: His mom is not a good mom but she’s not ab... More

Sight word game!

Just sharing because it worked so well for my stepson, and it might help another child as well. He just started kindergarten and was just not understanding sight words at all. So I made these lily pads with the sight words he needs to know by the end of kindergarten. He doesn’t know them all yet, obviously. But I spread the ones he knows in a line through the house and surround them with the on... More

Elissa posted in Behavior Oct 16

Major defiance!

Long story.... my boyfriend won emergency temporary primary custody of his five YO son after his mother moved him two hours away, against custody orders, and refusing to let my boyfriend see him. Let him get so sick and won’t take him to the doctor - we almost had to hospitalize. (A lot more happened but that’s the main) Shortly before all this happened, I had moved in with my bf. I know there ... More

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