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Wenonah posted in Bathing Dec 03

Dry patches

My 7 month old has dry patches on her face (on her cheeks and forehead). What can I put on her face that won’t break her out? Or should I just leave it alone and it will go away eventually?

Wenonah posted in Behavior Dec 02

Stranger danger

My daughter won’t let anyone hold except me, my boyfriend and my mother. How do I gently get her like other people then us. I have so many people who will watch her whenever we need a break but she cries if she doesn’t see us. How did you handle this situation?

Sick baby

What can you give a 7 month old with a sore throat and stuffy nose?

Sick with a baby 🙁

I have a cold and a 6 month old. What are ways I keep her from getting sick? Especially with her being so dependent on me. She hardly wants me to put her down. I put on a mouth mask this morning so I don’t breathe on her and she freaked out 😳 she was literally scared of me. So no mask then. I know to wash my hands thoroughly but I do that anyway even when I’m not sick.

Jealous partner

Is it wrong to love your child more than your partner? I believe my boyfriend is jealous of our child because I show her so much more love and attention than I do towards him. Maybe because I’m a first time mom and I’m still trying to get in the grove of being someone’s mother. It’s all new to me and I love it and enjoy it! He asked me if I love her more than him and I believe I lied and told h... More


How old was your Lo when you first took them to the dentist? My daughter had her 6 month checkup a week ago and the pediatrician said I need to start looking for a dentist since she has two teeth. I feel 6 months is too young to go to the dentist. She will not sit still and won’t understand what’s going on. I feel at one years old is a good age to go to the dentist for the first time. What do y... More

Wenonah posted in Bathing Oct 16

Bath tub suggestions

I’ve been bathing my daughter in the kitchen sink with the lotus flower cushion thing lol but now at 6 months she’s so curious about everything...she’s touching the hot and cold knobs, dishes in the strainer and moving the faucet around getting water everywhere! What is your favorite bath tub that worked best for you and your LO?

Cutting Teeth at 4.5 months! 😬🤗

My daughter has two teeth coming in at the bottom (which is super exciting to me lol...first time mom here). At what point do I start to brush them? She just started purée foods. Should I wait until more come in? Is there such a thing as baby toothpaste? Or do I just use a kids tooth brush and water?

Wenonah posted in Safety Sep 24

Car seat

Is the car seat for an infant supposed to be in the middle of the backseat or by a window? I’ve been putting it behind the passenger seat by the window. I feel it’s easier to reach her when she’s on that side but of course her safety is more important than accessibility.

Constipation 😬

My 5 month old just recently started baby food purées. She only eats 1 jar a day. My pediatrician told me to give her some water. She drinks it for about 4 seconds until she realizes it’s not formula then she doesn’t want it anymore. I’ve read you can give them apple juice for constipation. Do I get baby apple juice or regular apple juice? What else can I give her?

Crib bumper...yes or no?

My daughter has started to put her arm or leg into the slots of the crib while sleeping. I was thinking of buying a crib bumper to put around the crib to keep her from doing that because I’m afraid she’ll turn the wrong way and brake or really hurt herself but I’ve heard that some babies have suffocated with crib bumper but maybe since she’s old enough to turn herself over she’ll be okay. Anoth... More

Wenonah posted in Sports Sep 12

Pool time?

Is it okay for a 5 month old to get in a pool? My cousin has a chlorine pool and I want my LO to experience a pool while the weather is nice.

Cradle Cap

My daughter has had it for a month and a half now. I’ve been washing her hair and putting coconut oil in it afterwards. I don’t brush it out because she has so much of it...it’s like never ending. Plus after awhile she has had enough of being wet and me touching her head. So if i don’t brush it out it won’t go away? How long are during the bath are you supposed to brush it? How often do you was... More

My LO won’t eat purées

I started my daughter on purée baby food about a month ago and she is not taking a liking to it. She spits it out every time. My doctor told me to start off with orange veggie purée first then green, then reds and last yellows. Next start on fruit purées. I cheated and gave her some applesauce after the second week of trying just to see if it was just the veggies she didn’t like but nope it’s a... More

Help me 🤔 please

Hello I’m new to Winnie...there are a lot of abbreviations on here that I don’t know. Can someone tell me what they stand for? I just learned what LO (little one) stands for.

Wenonah posted in Newborns Jul 17

3 ounces

It seems like a lot of babies are up to 5-7oz a feeding for a 3 month old. My 3 month old is still at 3 oz every 2-3 hours. I tried to give her 4 oz a feeding about 2 weeks ago but she would throw it up. Is or were your LO past 3 oz at 3 months?


My LO drinks Gerber Gentle Start 1 formula. She’s been drinking it since birth. She’s 13 weeks now. The last two weeks she’s been spitting up a lot, almost half of what i gave her. I called the doctor twice. The first time she said feed her half of her formula, burp her and then give her the rest. So I did that but she was still spitting up. The second time I called she said reduce the amount I... More

Two month shots

My 2 month old daughter just got her 1st shots a week ago and on one of her legs where she received the shot a bump and a bruise has appeared. Should I be worried or is this just one of the side effects of getting shots? When will it go away? Should I take her to the doctor?

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