Washington, DC

I love Jesus, cooking and my girls ❤️

Do you ever wonder what your baby is thinking?

My daughter just seems so mesmerized by my face and her hands. Like she gets so excited when she sees her hands 😂😂

Daughter won’t take bottle, I’ve tried everything you can name; Different bottle, leaving her

With someone, different temp of milk, giving the person my shirt, warming the nipple, you name it! Just nope. Any other suggestions?

Anyone with more than one child? How do you give both the same attention?

I have a 6 year old and a 2 month old whom Is EBF. I try my hardest to give by 6yold the same attention but it’s hard. Because the baby needs a lot.

I’m so tired of hearing “your baby is going to be spoiled if you don’t give her a bottle”

My daughter will take a bottle, but when she is with me I breastfeed her on demand. My family is pressing me to carry a bottle.

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