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How to prepare both myself and my 2 year old for day care?

I’m getting a promotion at work, now working full time plus extra hour sometimes. How do I prepare my 2 year old for day care. How did you mommas/daddas handled the roller coaster of emotions when preparing your little one for day care? I’m so scared with everything I see on the internet involving the traumatic daycare stories but I know it beat for my baby, to learn social interaction and lear... More

Things to do at Disneyland for 2 year old

My sons birthday is coming up this summer and he’s amused by everything always yelling wooooow! I’m wanting to take him to Disney but not sure what there is to do for a 2 year old. He’s around 32ish inches tall.

Thoughts on this?

I’m thinking of making one but I overthink everything and I’m afraid my LO will think it’s okay to play with these outside of home.

How much cow milk?

My son is a year and one month and we’re currently giving him cow milk with the exception of formula when we’re on long road trips. He usually only drinks 8 oz in a training bottle a day? He seems to not care so much for cow milk. Am I giving him too little? Should I do two bottles a day?


If you’re like me and love co-sleeping but also love cuddling your hubby here’s a cool tip. We bought one of those toddler bed rails and placed it on my side of the bed. I placed a small but big enough blanket over the rail, extending it over the top of the rail up to about halfway off the bed. Tucked the blanket in just a little with my hand in between the bed and the rail (stopping my baby’s ... More

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