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It's just us and our 1 year old for the weekend.

Our 6 year old is having a weekend at her aunts so it's just us and our 1 year old. I want to something that she would love to do and wouldn't cost a great amount of money. She is walking and is very interested and hands on. She is shy of other people unless it's on her terms. She also still takes 2 naps a day. The morning one is long and afternoon one is short. Any ideas???

Allowance for a 6 year old??

Our six year old does chores on a regular basis. I dont want to do money allowance but she is super into her baby alive. So what I'm thinking of doing instead...is teaching her that hard work will get her what she needs in a way. Instead of cash allowance I am thinking of doing baby alive things like diapers and food. This is coming from a little girl who tells me to babysit her baby while... More

Painful Pooping (Lactose intolerant)

My daughter who is one, almost always cries when she poops. She poops some pretty good size nuggets. We thought it was because she was eating to many kidney beans so we took them out of her diet for a bit and she still cries. Today she woke up from her last nap crying (scream cry) because she was pooping. She is lactose intolerant. If that helps anyone who knows how to help me help her. We st... More

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