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Understanding “No”...

I knew this day would come! My almost 17mo is HARDCORE testing me these days, and I’m truly trying every method to start her understanding now so this doesn’t become a serious issue moving forward...when myself or my husband say “No” to something (she could be touching something that doesn’t belong to her, going somewhere she shouldn’t, etc.) it’s now FUNNY. She actually laughs if she reaches... More

Spit up — switching from formula to whole milk?

My daughter recently turned 1 and we began the switch from formula to whole milk. She still gets a formula bottle in the morning and before bed. Initially we began giving the milk straight (not mixed with anything else) but she became SEVERELY constipated. We watered it down a bit which helped...but since this milk switch she has been spitting up :( She hasn’t shown any signs of a dairy or ... More

How to brush 1 yr old teeth?

My daughter just turned 1 last week — she has 6 teeth total, 4 top and 2 bottom, but has 2 more coming in on top! She DESPISES me coming anywhere near her with the brush, and she’s not really there as far as doing it herself. I tried the “finger” brushes, a soft rubber texture brush that slips over my finger to see if she’d simply chew so I could get a bit of brushing in but she fuuuusses. A... More

How much/frequently ibuprofen?

My 10mo daughter has had an AWFUL cold — combatting a fever, cough, congestion, whole 9 yards, so based on our pedi’s recommendation we were giving her ibuprofen 3x a day. This went on for a good 5 days...started to show real improvement, so we stopped for about 3 days. Then, not only did she get super sick again but she’s also getting 4 TEETH! She’s ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. So back to ibuprof... More

Probiotics? 9mo

My 9mo little girl has been taking probiotics once a day in her morning bottle since about 3months of age—we’ve heard there are infinite benefits to this. Currently we use the Mommy’s Bliss ones. I’m curious though, as I’ve heard using the same one for too long basically makes them ineffective? Which ones do you all use/recommend? Have you heard similar things? My LO suffers from some dige... More

8mo food texture issues?

My daughter is just about 8mo and while she’s actually quite developed motor skills wise— will actually pick up small things (pincer grasp) and will pick up a spoon from her bowl and self feed puréed foods (still messy, but impressive!) she won’t eat a THING with any sort of texture, really. We’ve introduced some “stage 3” purée foods and she gags. I’ve tried cutting up her fav foods (pears, ... More

Starting sippy cups did you go about introducing a sippy cup? Trying to figure this daughter is getting there with self-feeding a bottle but isn’t quiiiite there. She can hold it extremely well the whole time but towards the end when you actually have to tip it is the struggle, so a sippy cup at 7mo seems early to me! Who knows! I was told at 6mo you can start but I haven’t attempted yet...she’... More

Unusual eating behavior —6mo

My 6mo daughter, who up until this point has been wonderfully enthusiastic about consuming/starting solids, all puréed food so far, has suddenly stopped showing interest. She spits most out, even her favorites, bangs her hands on her tray and sticks her fingers in her mouth, etc. Additionally, her bottle feeds (she’s exclusively formula fed) have become borderline violent— she bows her whole b... More

When to start brushing?

My daughter is just about 6mo— no teeth yet but they’re right around the corner! I’ve noticed a significant change in her...breath and drool smell, haha. I was curious when an appropriate time would be to introduce some sort of dental care? I purchased those little gummy brushes that go over your finger, but haven’t attempted yet. She started solids 2x a day at 4mo and has been keeping that... More

How much food is too much? 5mo

We started our 5mo on purées about a month ago because she showed IMMENSE interest and our pedi gave us the go— she’s been doing amazing with it all! We give her 1 jar for breakfast and 1 for dinner, nothing is forced, she loves it! She hasn’t shown signs of wanting less formula though, so she still has about 24-26ounces in addition to the that too much?? The pedi said we should ... More

HELP! How to administer Tylenol to 4mo?!

Every. Single. Time. We’ve tried the best we can to shoot it into her mouth so she swallows but she spits it out and is always in hysterics. I’ve read about putting medicine in the pacifier but she doesn’t take a pacifier. She’s in agony from teething, and lord help us when she gets her first fever and we need to give her medicine. How do you all manage it?! I don’t think we can mix it wit... More

How long to let your 4mo cry during naps?

My 4mo is currently fighting naps hardcore :( How long is “ok” to let her cry? I don’t want to get in the habit of constantly picking her up— she needs to learn a bit of self soothing and put herself to sleep. I’ll put her down and sometimes she’ll scream bloody murder for up to 10-15min. When I pick her up and she doesn’t nap she’s a NIGHTMARE in the evening. She sleeps perfectly through ... More

Best supplies for starting baby on food?

We’ll be starting our LO on food soon and was wondering what supplies were most helpful to have in advance? The best spoons to have? Are special bowls necessary? As far as actual food is concerned, I figure it’ll likely be trial & error haha :)

Best baby carrier?

I used the moby wrap when she was a newborn, and currently own the Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 Convertible carrier but I am not a huge fan— my 3 month old is just under 14lbs and I feel like her legs struggle to fit through it, and in general it doesn’t provide enough support, for me or her. Any thoughts/suggestions??

Post Partum Hair Loss :(

I had no idea I’d have to deal with this as badly as I currently am...any tips on putting a stop to it? To replacing what’s been lost so far? HELP!!!

Too physical when crying :(

My LO is only 12 weeks and when she’s upset or uncomfortable, she gets extremely physical— she tears constantly at her eyes (we do our best to keep her nails short) and she sticks her fingers so far in her mouth she makes herself gag/cough. She’s given herself little scratches on her face, which is very upsetting. We had been putting her in onesies that cover her hands but it’s too warm for t... More

Tummy time trouble?

My 2mo absolutely despises tummy time! I’m trying to do it 3x a day for just 10min and even that is a struggle. We’ve tried it in various places—crib, play mat, laying on me, changing table— doesn’t make a difference. We’ve incorporated toys, music...thoughts on things to do to make this easier? It’s a struggle for a lot of little ones I’ve heard. I’m told she should be up to an hour of tu... More

My LO will go into hysterics every time I burp her during feedings! Anyone else have this problem?

No matter the position— over my shoulder, on my lap, etc. I always feel terrible because she’s already a gassy baby and her crying just makes her swallow more air! She’s going on 7 weeks and is formula fed. I have no idea how to prevent her from doing this. She does this every single feeding! We burp her once halfway through feeding and at the end of feeding.

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