Affton, MO

Katie posted in Child Care Aug 06

In home daycare

Are most in home daycares licensed? Or is it mostly just the bigger places that are? I.e. kinder care, Montessori, etc.?

Katie posted in Behavior May 15

Toddler anger management

What all do you do to help your LO calm down or get “the angries out” ? My LO (now 3.5) used to be really good about taking a breath to calm down. Now he refuses. Sometimes he’ll squeeze my hand, or want me to squeeze his. Other times he wants to stomp 3 times and that seems to help. My husband thinks that’s too much like a tantrum. I’m just wondering what other parents do. Thanks!

Katie posted in Behavior Jan 10

Stool withholding

My LO turned 3 in October and is really good about telling us when he has to go potty. Typically when he tells us and goes on the potty, he pees. He has pooped on the potty before, but I guess he doesn’t remember because he seems to hold it in. He will go in his pants than tell us he has to poop in the potty. Who had felt with this problem and what did you do to overcome it? It seems to be a cy... More

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