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Niashya posted in Behavior Mar 26

Terrible Two’s!

Hi parents! Hope you’re having an awesome week with your loved ones! I need a few pointers. My son has definitely gotten into the tantrum phase. The usual stuff. Throwing himself on the floor, whining for every little thing, crying for every little thing. It’s overwhelming to say the least. I’m pretty sure he’s just working out how to communicate his feelings / emotions. But any pointers? I’m h... More

Buying a tablet

So. I plan to buy my two year old baby boy a tablet. Decisions. Decisions. I have an iPad that he uses but I don’t like the fact that he can click anywhere / everywhere and do what he wants. (Half the time playing music) I want something way more kid friendly. I’ve been looking into the Amazon fire. Any recs? Do any of you have a fire? And what size? The 10 looks huge. Thanks.

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