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2 naps to 1 nap transition

When did your LO transition from 2 naps to 1 (at what age)? And how did you know it was time? And how did you make that transition?

Chapped Lips & Breastfeeding

I mean, I'm talking about the worst chapped lips I've ever had. Anyone else experience this while breastfeeding? Give me your thoughts. Are the two connected? Is it hormonal?

How: safely clean baby toys when they're still in his mouth stage

Hi, how do you safely clean your babies toys (hard and plush) when he is still in the stage of putting everything into his mouth?

Baby wont sleep well in pac n play

Baby is 9 mo and sleeps through the night in his crib at home. But when we stay over any where else and he has to sleep in his pac n play, he wakes up several times a night. Any suggestions?

Biting baby

9 mo bites my shoulder. Different times of day, doing different activities. Before naps, after naps, before eating, after eating. Appears to be no rhyme or reason. He has 6 teeth so I'm developing beautiful bruises and scars on my right shoulder and upper arm now. Wondering... 1. has anyone else experienced this and what was it? WHY did baby do it? 2. What did you do in response to stop it... More

Early Wake Time

Baby keeps waking up at 530am. I usually put him to sleep around 630, 645, last nap ends between 145 and 230. What's the deal? I've read babies sleep for 11 hours at night @ this stage (8 months) ... perplexed.

Feeding/Nursing Schedule @ 9 mo

Hi, I'm concerned I'm doing something wrong in transitioning to solids with breastfeeding... My LO will nurse (usual/typical schedule) at 630a, eat solids by 730, then nurse again 1030, eat by 1130, nurse 230, solids at 430, then nurse at 6 or 630... does this seem right? Or any suggestions on how to make this transition? First time mom just following babys hunger cues...

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