Omaha, NE

Italian moved to D.C. when married to a Nebraska man and then moved back to Italy when I was pregnant.. both my kids were born in Italy. We moved back in Nebraska in 2015.

Anyone here in omaha that knows a restaurant with childcare or playground area supervised by adults? So adults can eat and enjoy their meal for once??? Thanks 😬

Ok I am starting getting frustrated and I sow similar posts and a lot of good answers, maybe someone can suggest me something too! I am Italian with a master degree in teaching languages and literature (English and German) I was working pretty well in DC as a professor and tutor but then we decided to move and move and move.. I followed my husband and now I am in Nebraska and my kids, I though... More

Are there in omaha or Elkhorn area any Italian speaking kids??? I am Italian and I do speak my language to them.. but they spend more time at school and play dates are always in English, of course.. I feel alone! Haha lost battle.. any help out there?

Alessia recommended a place Oct 21, 2017


We also love Mahoney state park!

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