Gainesville, FL

Stranger Danger

My 3 year old step-kid is getting to the point where “stranger danger” is VERY important. They’re very shy and refuse to play with other kids...just the parents or other random adults. They will strike up a conversation with any passing adult and even try to open the door when people come knocking. This is TERRIFYING for my spouse and I. How do you handle stranger danger with a kid that young ... More

Having a Second Kid?

Hello! While not here to completely decide my future, I do want to get some thoughts on a matter. I have a 3 yo step-kid with my spouse. That kid is the only kid in our family and the other side... as in my spouse and their ex-wife only had the one kid, the ex-wife hasn’t had another kid, and we haven’t had another kid. So it’s just the one. But both sides of the family are now talking about h... More

Nail Biting!

My three-year-old step-kid has started biting her nails pretty consistently. This is terrifying for me as I’ve struggled with nail biting my whole life and still can’t kick the nasty habit. Any advice on helping her stop while she’s young?

Trouble Learning to Bike

My three-year-old has been learning to bike with training wheels and we’re having a lot of trouble teaching her how to pedal. She can brake and steer just fine but we still have to push her 100% of the time because she just can’t pedal by herself. She gets the motion for some of it, but there comes a point while pushing the pedals down where she just stops and doesn’t get how to keep pedaling. ... More

Caitlin recommended a place Jun 05, 2018


My step-kid LOVES this park! The splash park is lots of fun in the hot months and the park itself is just so inventive and fun. The bike trail is great for teaching them how to ride and the little store means we can stay there for hours.

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