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New mom of an angel ...Need mom friends and advice

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Ady posted in Diapering Saturday

Sunscreen and swim diapers for toodler

We are planning to go to Mexico next week.. anyone know of any sunscreen brands for my 18 mon dd......and can anyone suggest how to keep baby comfortable in a diaper in the pool? Last time she got rashes because of all the time she spent in a wet diaper in the pool.

One year baby not walking or crawling??? Worried...Need help.

My baby just completed one year. She doesn't walk or crawl. She can stand with support. I am worried as people told she should either crawl or walk. Anyone here to help. Thanks!!

How to increase weight of 8 month old baby

Please suggest me how can i increase weight of my baby....what food, veggies or fruit help??? Thanks in advance.

Suggestion for how to start bottle for 6 n half olf baby

I have 6 and half month old baby...she is totally breastfeed child ..Ftom last two days i have started bottle..she is not ready to take that... sometimes she does but today she is not at all ready...she just remove my hand n bottle with her hand...plzz help..

Need tips about formula and cereal

I need some tips regarding using formula and cereal.I am giving cereal with formula to my baby one time a day, as ped told to give her to increase weight. She us breastfeed baby...The cereal and formula carton says that have to finish it with in one month after opening.. Since I am giving only one time a day so cereal and formula both are still full afted one month....just used 20%..So can any... More

Ady posted in Babies Sep 25, 2018

How to use pacifier for babies

My baby is 4 and a half months old...I tried to use pacifier so many times...she sucks it as long as its in my hand...If i leave it, she also take out it from her mouth....I think she doesn't know how to use it nor I..Can anyone help me how to use pacifier so she can suck it well and I can leave it in her mouth without dropping.

Ady posted in Flying Sep 24, 2018

Does anyone have any idea about graco pram into airport security...and plane

I'm traveling for the first time with my child...are there any dimensions for the pram or stroller into airport security and plane? I want to keep my pram with me through the plane gate.

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