Fairless Hills, PA

Travel System

When did you guys transition from your travel system to a regular stationary car seat? My LO is only 4.5 mos but I feel like he’s not comfortably fitting in his Britain’s travel system car seat anymore (is this even possible?). So when did you switch? Also, is it a huge pain? I feel like the travel system is so convenient (especially in the winter) since you can pack them up indoors and just ca... More

Help with sleep!

My 3 month old always slept swaddled in a bassinet next to our bed. It helped him sleep as he would constantly wake him self up with arm flailing. He is now newly able to (almost) roll over, we have stopped swaddling and have brought him into our bed. The arm flailing is still happening! It’s to the point that he wakes himself up at least once an hour and needs to be calmed back to sleep ( nurs... More

Stinky Poo

About a week or so ago, my (now) 11 week old baby started having horribly smelly poops. He is exclusively breastfed and I haven’t really had any crazy changes to my diet. I did recently start taking fenugreek to up my milk supply, so I was positive that was the culprit. I stopped taking it about 5 days ago and I thought everything was better until about 2 days ago when is poo started smelling a... More

Period and Breastfeeding

Has anyone on here successfully gotten their period without giving up breastfeeding? If so, is there anything you can do to ensure your period will return without stopping. My LO is 3 mos old and I would like to start trying for baby #2 at 6 mos, but am not ready to give up breastfeeding . Thanks in advance.

Pump and Dump

Going to a Halloween party tonight with the baby for a few hours (and with DH). I plan on drinking (not heavily, but enough to get a buzz) for the first time since I became pregnant! Should I pump and dump? How long do I have to wait to be safe to nurse again? He does already get a 4oz bottle of expressed milk every night at 8pm... just not sure if his next feeding should also be a bottle? I pl... More

Waking Too Early

My 9 week old goes to bed every night at 8:30. He wakes up for a feeding somewhere between 3:00 - 4:30 and will be back to sleep 20 -30 mins later. All that’s great, but he wakes up around 6:00-630 consistently. Anything I can do to push back his awake time?

Disney with Infant

We’re scheduling our Disney World vacation for our (then) 7 month old. I am very familiar with DW as I am an annual pass holder and go about twice a year, but this will be my first time going with an infant. Any suggestions from experienced Disney parents? We’re staying at Wilderness Lodge and have already booked some character meals.

Flying with a Baby

My baby will be 7 mos when we take a 3.5 hour flight. Any tips to keep him calm for his sake and for the sanity of the passengers?

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