Austin, TX
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Please Help an exhausted Mom

I really need to wean my 2 year old. She relies too much on nursing especially for nap. She can only nap for 40 mins or so and would need me to hold her for another hour. I am so done with it. She is exclusively breastfeeding from birth and has a strong association. She drinks a bit of milk from a small glass cup. I'm not sure if she accepts bottles.

One year old suddenly clings with mom

My one year old daughter suddenly became so clingy with me . If I walk away from her, she would cry until I get back. She used to be able to play alone for up to 40 mins but now she only wants to stay with me in kitchen or anywhere I was doing chores. She also doesnt want to play with my husband anymore. Before they always had their own sweet bedtime story time and my daughter would love to sta... More

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