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Looking for a spirit-filled, diverse church home in the central mass area.

Looking for a spirit-filled, diverse church home in the central mass area or anywhere close to Worcester to get closer to God and raise a Godly family. Any recommendations?

Toys for 3 y/o

Am I the only one finding a real hard time getting/finding, fun, engaging and inexpensive toys for my 3 year old? What do you guys out there get for your 3yo. 🤔

What’s the big difference between having a hospital birth vs birth center vs home birth? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Any recommendations?

How do you get your 2.5 year old to stop his tantrums? When he started, he was at least a little shy of screaming around people because he was a little shy around people. However now, he’s not shy any more which makes him even scream louder. Not crying, screaming. It’s honestly very annoying and frustrating that sometimes I just wanna lose it too. We’ve tried time outs, he’ll just cry and cry. ... More

Where can I get good washable diapers, washer and dryer that doesn’t need a hookup, because we live in an apartment that doesn’t have any hookup. (I guess a probable one(?))

What tv shows are good for toddler 2.5 year old? I thought Dave and Eva was the bomb but he gets bored about watching it for a few minutes. Hahah. Anything good out there?

Am I the only mom who worries about how much sugar there is in basically everything?? Yogurt, crackers, juice, cereal etc. For you moms in my shoes, what do you buy or do? Make your own homemade yogurt, juices etc or what? Everything has too much sugar, even some ‘ ‘healthier’ options. Please advice.

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