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I did it. I separated from my abusive husband.

2 days later I found out I was pregnant. Now I have a high risk pregnancy (16 weeks along) and a 2 year old and I'm a single mom. I feel completely lost. Like a puzzle piece without a puzzle. I have no idea what to do, where to turn, where do I belong. Before this I was a sahm. Now what?? Any advice for me?

Baby body blues, ie spring fever

18 months pp and it seems like trying to get myself healthy and work on fitness is becoming even more difficult. What are your favorite tips for making healthiness a priority when your hands are full 24/7 and what are the easiest things I can do to make it happen?

Lulu posted in Sleep Dec 14, 2018

Waking to play in the middle of the night

My lo just got on a routine and it's fantastic. She falls asleep deeply at the appointed sleep time. But every single night at about 1 am she wakes up fully awake ready to play. We co sleep so I take her to my rocking chair and rock and nurse and beg for about 2 hours. I can't be the only one going through this... How do you deal with it? What do you do? I'm exhausted. Hubby's... More

Picky 15 month old! Help!

My lo will only eat snacks... like crackers, puffs and crunchies. She will eat waffles and other bread, potatoes and corn and that's it. Tips? It's driving me bonkers.

Lulu posted in Sleep Dec 05, 2018

I've never done a routine before...

But my little one needs it. So here we are, 8-8 sleeping, 1-4 nap. She's 15 months old. So this is like the 3rd day and she was throwing up last night. What if she needs extra sleep? Do I deviate for any reason? This is all new to me so tia

Smoothie cup for a toddler

What's the best sippy style cup to give a smoothie to a toddler?

How to disinfect books

Ok so at church today in the cry room there was a sick kid... and she was playing with my baby's toys, not usually a problem but the little girl had a runny nose and sounded junky in the chest and she was putting them in her mouth (cringe). Toys are books and a wooden bead necklace.... how should I clean these items? Some of them are irreplaceable and I would like to keep them all!

Calling all Catholics!

Anyone have any experience with taking a 1 year old to Mass? It is such a struggle for me! How do you approach it?

Putting my phone down and getting some sleep...

How do I put this phone down and rest? I just follow around this ball of energy all day and when she goes down and it's quiet I'm like finally, some me time! And then I'm on my phone forever googling stupid stuff or on Pinterest or on this app and I lose a ton of sleep. How do I put this sucker down and get some rest?


What are your go to remedies? I have a very unhappy little girl on my hands. Any help is much appreciated.

How do I find mommy and me classes?

I live in a kind of rural area... There isn't much to do here! But I don't mind driving to get me and lo out of the house! Anyone have suggestions on how to find mommy and me classes around my area?


I am. So. Depressed. I try to put a good face on it for my family but it's heavy heavy. What can I do to get me out of this funk *naturally*? I've been on anti depressants before and they do Not work for me, in fact they do the opposite and make it hella worse. Oh and my car is in the shop so I can't go anywhere. Not helping matters! I know I should get outside but there is always ... More

Play outside with 1 yo

How do you play outside with your 1 yo? Mine is 13 months, been walking for a month. I can't always make it to the playground!

Dairy free food ideas for a 1 year old

She's a great eater! But dairy hurts her bad! I am out of ideas. And I'd really like to expose her to different stuff before the picky stage starts! Ideas?

Stain removal

I'm a mom. I don't have time for "this stain needs this treatment." I'm looking for a good all purpose stain removal treatment. Shout is terrible. What do you use?

Challenge a 1 yo

My LO is advancing quicker than I can keep up! She just learned to walk and is into everything and absorbs everything very quickly and gets bored very easily. Lately bedtime has been a fight and I think it's because she's bored! How do you keep your first-walking 1 year old interested?

Gift suggestion

So my aunt just became dreadfully sick and is bed ridden with not much strength. She used to dance and loves being active. She loves nature but she can't do the things she used to. Her birthday is coming up. I would like to get her something uplifting. Suggestions?


Just curious. Am I the only one not considering weaning anytime soon? How long did you breastfeed?

Worries about separation anxiety

So my husband is a wonderful man who works 60+ hours a week to provide a good life and so that I can be a sahm, which we both feel is best for our daughter. When he is home on the weekends, he is exhausted. My daughter has a healthy dose of separation anxiety. Pretty much every second she is right there or there is screaming and crying. In order to avoid the drama and added stress on him, I ta... More

Beauty routine shortcuts

What do you do to make yourself feel beautiful or keep yourself healthy or take care of your appearance? My self esteem is suffering because I'm last on my to do list and I'm realizing that this is not the way! Tips?

How can I let off some steam if I can't get away from my kid?

My daughter just turned 10 months old. I'm a sahm and my husband won't take me out away from her, no matter how many times I beg, no date nights, no babysitter, nothing. And forget him watching her for me. Or anyone else for that matter. So basically I've been on duty 24/7 since she was born and I'm crawling the walls trying not to lash out. I love her but this is bloody old.... More

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