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Trying to wean our 21mo daughter and it’s harder than it was with our boy (now 3yo).

With him we dropped the most easily distractible nursing’s until it was just overnight, then would tell him ‘all gone’ after a short nursing, then replaced with milk and then water... We also had the deadline of new baby coming. He was 16mo. Our daughter can’t seem to get over the morning nursing (we’ve dropped and she’s okay without boob to fall asleep) and can’t call back asleep with her hand... More

Dana posted in Behavior Jan 26

So our 2.75yo seems to have a real issue leaving the house, for any reason...

Soccer, supermarket, scootering, anything. It’s winter in NYC so lots of layers, but it’s now taking us 30min or more to just get dressed, something that should take 5min. Anyone experiencing the same thing? I’d love to figure out what’s going on and try to think about it in a different way... things we’re thinking it could be: - Just wants to stay home. - Doesn’t want to go where we’re going. ... More

Dana posted in Sleep Sep 11, 2018

13mo continuously waking at 5am cranky??

Our 13mo always used to start waking up around 4/5am but would go back to sleep relatively easily. She wakes, goes back to sleep, wakes and sleeps again before finally up around 7am, happy as a clam. In the last 10 days or so she’s started waking and nodding off way more in that time block, much crankier, like she really wants to still be asleep. Still wakes happy around 7am, and I’ve read abou... More

Going back to work (and/or looking for work) after a year and a half taking care of one and now two little ones... would love to hear lessons you’ve learned? Did anyone feel resistance in your previous field? Did you change fields or go back to school, out of interest or necessity?

Recommendations for kid safe cleaning products, homemade or otherwise? Specifically looking for something to clean the bathtub and tile grout... TIA :)

Recommendations for really good, well scaffolded, educational apps for 2+? So far we’ve loved the Highlights shapes and Endless Alphabet apps, and just discovered the Epic books app...

Tips for supporting our almost 2yo at becoming more independent? Thinking of things like hooks at his height for hanging his own clothes or towel, stool for hand washing, foods that make fork and spoon practice easier....

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