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First Disney Trip for 18mo old

Hello!! My husband and I will take our son on his first Disneyland trip next month! We both haven’t been there in about 8 years so we do t know what to expect especially now that we have a toddler. Any suggestions, tips, tricks, or hacks to make this as fun and easy as possible? I’ve heard about apps and fast passes but have no clue what it’s all about. Any advice is appreciated!!! Thanks ... More

Help! I need easy, nutritious meal ideas from experienced parents!

Hi all!! I’m struggling thinking of ideas for meals for my 17month old! Mostly just breakfast and lunch since I’m at work during those meals. My son does not like processed carbs lol (maybe he was switched at birth LOL) so it’s difficult to think of easy meals to pack for his breakfast and lunch. He loves fruit which helps but I feel like I should change up the daily egg scramble he loves f... More

San Diego

Any suggestions for must-do’s in San Diego? We are going to San Diego for 3 days. My son is 10 months old. The only thing we have planned is the zoo and a walk through Belmont Park, and of course a couple of eateries for my husband and me. Anyone have any places or activities they can recommend?

My 9 month old has started laughing when he farts 😂 Of course it’s learned behavior because my husband and I laugh at how cute his gas sounds, but it’s adorable how much he cracks up 😂 What cute things are your little ones doing? I’d love to hear from other parents 🤗

How did you all manage to get through sleep regressions? My baby is almost 9 months and we seem to have hit the second regression along with teething along with a week long vacation which through off our routine. We tried to keep feeding and sleep/nap schedules the same but being in a different place through him out of his routine. Any tips? I don’t want to start a bad habit of bringing him i... More

Hi all! Any recommendations for sunscreen for an 8mo old? FTM and I don’t really know what to look for but I would rather have something more natural if that exists. TIA!

Hi everyone! I need help writing up a checklist of what to pack for my 8mo old baby for a 3 day mini vacation from Los Angeles to San Diego. I’m suffering from major “mommy brain” and know I’m forgetting something so I’d just like to hear everyone’s ideas/experiences. This is our first time traveling anywhere with the baby so I’d love all the advice you can give. Just as a side note: We w... More

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