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Transitioning to a big kid bed from crib

I’m due with my second child in April. I’ve been going back in forth about transitioning my daughter to a big kid bed before or after baby. What worked/didn’t work for your families? Pros and cons. let me clarify that my daughter is almost 2 and she has not tried to escape from her crib. I’m wondering if the transition is easier for everyone before or after

Stay at home mom and dad’s! What were some of the best habits you implemented to make the days more productive and fruitful? Not just for the kiddos but yourself too.

All my baby wants to do is co sleep and it's NOT working for anyone. She gets up constantly and no one is sleeping in our house. The level of sleep deprivation is insane. I tried the pick up/ put down method for two days and my kid is so overly tired it took me over an hour to calm her down. Everytime I research online I'm even more discouraged....what can I do? I'm about to hire so... More

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