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Proud new Dad of a beautiful daughter!

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Our daughter is underweight and our doctors are hoping we can find ways to add calories to her diet. She is 16 months and has been on the bottle via breast pumped milk from day 3 on. We are trying to transition to a soy free version of pediasure. The problem is she doesn’t like the formula. We were also told we could do carnation instant breakfast. A cup of this a day with whole milk would add... More

Administering medication

All, my wife have to administer liquid Lactulose medication (3.5 ml 2x daily) to help our 11 month old poop. The problem is beyond we both hate having to give this this to our daughter is that I suck at the administration. The medication is a bit thicker of a substance and we try to use the syringe that cvs gave us, the syringe from baby Tylenol and the syringe from baby liquid Benadryl... the... More


Our 11 months old daughter has constipation issues that began after she started solids (purée). She has been 99% breast milk fed via the bottle (my wife has pumped since day 2) and since moving to more solids she can go several days without pooping. My wife makes the purée and uses non constipating foods. Our pediatrician had us do a suppository in the pediatrics office once and it worked with... More

11 month old not wanting to Sit now...

Our 11 month old daughter is on the “small side” with 75% head, 10% length and 5% weight. We are seeing an Occupational Therapist to help our daughter do more tummy time and core strength since she doesn’t like tummy time and doesn’t move much. If we sit her up on the floor with a pillow behind her she will play with her toys etc... she reaches for toys both left and right side and leans forwar... More


After the ordeal of our nearly 11 month old only drinking two full breast milk bottles a day (since Friday) we think she might be sick with a virus. I came home from a business trip after 4 flights over three days. What I thought was maybe allergies with some phlegm / cough might have been a cold. Clearly all flight have people coughing so I think she may have caught something from m. Our da... More

Baby refusing the bootle! Help!

Our daughter is almost 11 months and my wife has exclusively pumped so she has been bottle fed from very early on. Today our daughter only took the bottle at 5:30am and has done two rounds of solids (purée) but refuses the bottle. We tried formula to see if she would take that but she also refused the formula. The past two days she has had issues with constipation and the doctor had the baby do... More

Do I need a birth certificate to travel with my infant on a plane? If so how long does it take to get one if I go to my counties record office? The airline said I don’t need it but I started to read online and it sounds like we need on? Ugh... we leave Wednesday for Hawaii! Hope I can get one on Monday?

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