San Jose, CA

A SAHM to a 2 year old girl.

Advice for parents who have a child with speech delay?

My daughter is 28 months (2 years old) and can only say a handful of words and can’t put together sentences either. We recently had an appointment with her pediatrician and have mentioned or concerns of her being non verbal as well as her lack of interaction with other children. The next steps will be a hearing test, autism assessment as well as getting her in the head start program (if they fe... More

Sleeping troubles

My 1.5 year old wakes up about 2-3 times a night not necessarily for a bottle but because she realizes she’s in her crib. When I put her to sleep I lay in my bed with her till she falls asleep then transfer her into her crib. She’ll be in there for a good 4 hours but then wakes up and wants to come in my bed with me (which will repeatedly happen through the night) . Her crib is in my bedroom so... More

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