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Advice on breast pump

I can't seem to decide between the Motif Luna and one of the Spectra. I am expecting any day now and still have no pump. I know Spectra has good reviews but now feel torn between Spectra and Motif Luna. Has anyone had both?? Any advice?

2nd trimester nausea?

Did anyone else experience terrible nausea in the 2nd trimester? I had some morning sickness in the first 2 months and it wasn't this bad. I just walked into my bathroom and the smell of our new toilet plunger made me so nauseous! I feel like it's starting mess with my work. Everything I smell makes me feel sick. I do take 25mg of B6 and eat ginger chews to try and help. Any recommendations?

Any recommendations on what shoes to get for a baby that's just starting to walk? We have been buying the classic moccasins but these just won't hold up walking in Koreatown.

I just bathed my son for the second time today after he ate his mac and cheese and then asked myself, does every parent bathe their child after every meal? Lol he gets it EVERYWHERE and the only way to clean him up is in the shower. Am I missing something here? Any tricks on cleaning them up? Even the dog had pasta on her back lol

My son will be turning 1 in a week and I have just been feeling blue. Anyone else go through this? I work full time and just get so homesick

My 8 month old has been refusing to eat. He's teething and has both front bottom teeth out already but I think this entire week he just refused food. He drinks his milk and that's it. Can I give him something to get him back to normal?Idk what to do. I'm afraid he'll just get use to this

Karla recommended a place Nov 03, 2017


I like this place. There's good selection and it's so close to where I live that if I need something quick I can go there and not have to go so far to target or babies r us. I would just really like it if the lady that's usually at the register was friendly. Anyone that goes there will know what I mean

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