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What will the name be...

I’m getting induced on Thursday and my husband and I have not yet agreed on a name. He said we do a coin toss but I honestly hate the name he has picked out. And he hates the name I have. Why would we flip a coin if one of us will be upset with the name..? Having a baby is a happy moment. I’ve given at least 4 other options he’s once considered, I’d even be okay with doing a coin toss but on a ... More

Middle name suggestions?

Me and my husband are leaning toward the name Enzo for our baby boy due in a couple weeks. Any middle names that would sound good? Last name is Bahena and we are Hispanic. Thanks for all and any suggestions 💙

Baby boy name suggestions!

My husband and I are fully Mexican but speak more English. Our families mostly speak Spanish so we need something that sounds good both in Spanish and English. I’m due first week of May 😊


I originally liked a name my husband mentioned but now that I’m hearing it more and more I don’t like it. How do I tell him without hurting his feelings? He even calls the baby by the name and I don’t like it at all 😔😔😔

Names ??

I have a son named George. And just found out I’m expecting a second boy ! What would be a good little brother name that goes with George? I’m from the Hispanic decent so would like something that sounds both good in English and Spanish. Thank you!!

Thoughts on dying hair while pregnant

I was wondering if it was safe to at least touch up my roots before the holidays come? I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant.

Potty training outside the house

My son has been potty trained for awhile now. At home he wears underwear and tells me when he has to go both pee and poop. But when we go out I just put a diaper on him and he won’t tell me if he has to go. My question is how do I potty train outside the house? Do I just have to put underwear on and take extra pants in case of accidents? He gets to playing with his cousins or wherever we are an... More

Sharp pain

I am 3 month pregnant and suddenly got a sharp pain around my belly button area a few days ago that won’t go away. Does anybody know what it could be? I never had this with my first pregnancy. My husband told me to stop doing so much and relax, and that maybe I was just doing too much. It’s even painful when walking less then 30min. I have an OB appointment on Thursday but was just curious to s... More

Baby girl names?

I am expecting my second baby. We have not yet found out the gender but I already started looking for names. We have a boy name but not a girl one. The only girl name we like is TOO common so I don’t really like it anymore. We’re both Hispanic and I just want a name that sounds both good in English and Spanish as our families only speak Spanish.

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