Brooklyn, NY

I am a 38yr old stay at home mom/wife of four boys. Ages 6 and under.

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Parenting books recommendations

Anyone have any parenting books they recommend? I am a sham of 4 boys ( 6 and under) I recently ordered How to talk so little kids will listen... anyone else read this book? Any other parenting books catering to dealing with toddlers and not lose your mind? Tia

Melatonin for toddlers?

Anyone ever give their toddler melatonin to help them wind down for bed or to help them with Hyperactivity? I have 4 very active boys ages 5,6,2,1 who need to calm down a bit and I was looking into melatonin as a natural calming aid. Any advice is truly appreciated.

Homeschooling 2.5yr old & 20month old

Any tips on where to begin? I am new to homeschooling and would like to get my 2 youngest a head start at learning at home with mommy. Kinda something to help both me and kids with day to day boredom since we hardly ever go outside since I don’t drive and hubby is gone at work late most days. Thanks

Online college while being a stay at home mom to many

Any of you moms are taking any online college courses while being a mommy to more than one child? I have 4 children (5,6,2,1) all boys. I am contemplating returning to college and need some advice on how to manage school and small children. Afraid I won’t be able to do both but I wanna really try... any advice will be greatly appreciated

Mommy’s of 4 toddlers...who wants to learn to drive but anxiety disorder is stopping me

Hi Fellow Mommy’s I am a proud and sooo burnt out mommy of 4 toddler boys ( my eldest is turning 6 on Saturday, my second eldest is turning 5 on Monday coming, then is my two youngest sons ages 2.5. & 1.5) Basically they are driving me bonkers as a stay at home mom who doesn’t drive ( but I really wanna learn...Driving Anxiety is stopping me😩) any advice on how to try to overcome fear so I... More

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