Raleigh, NC

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MamaNukesYopolo recommended a place Mar 18, 2018


This place is the best. My kids ask to go all the time. Every child in the world deserves access to a place like this. We are so lucky to have this in Raleigh. Thank you to all the volunteers, staff, and donors who makes this place so wonderful. It is not really a museum so much as an incredible place for a kid to discover what interests them and to learn and play their hearts out.

Time change advice! My three yr old and almost two yr old head to bed around 715-730 every night and are out no later than 815 (thanks to my oldest dropping his nap). This is the first time change experience where I feel like maybe I should do something proactive to keep the routine. Do I bump bed time earlier for the next two weeks? Or do I just take the late bedtime hit for a few days until t... More

Anyone have experience with a toddler (19 months) with a broken clavicle bone (or similar injury)? Ideas for activities to help him stay relatively still but get some stimulation in?

At what age did you let your kids walk up/down the stairs without following them? I've got an almost three year old that seems to be ready but I don't want to jump the gun. I'm about to have a newborn to care for in addition to my 18 month old, so If it's reasonable I'd like to let the oldest come down on his own after nap and things like that. Thanks!

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