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Teething help

Any ideas on soothing the gums for teething? Baby has 2 teeth coming out slowly and it’s causing her not to eat food. FYI she doesn’t like the cold teethers.

Advice for 7 month old sleeping by herself

I just decided to have my babygirl learn to sleep alone in her bed. I’m ordering a brand new crib and What she sleeps in now is a playpen. First night was last night and didn’t go so well as she’s so used to sleeping with me and her dad. Any advice as to what I can try? I want her to be comfortable in her own bed. I’m also aware it will take a little while for the adjustment.

Help with shoe sizes!! Plz help!

It’s been a longggggg time since I bought baby shoes for my baby. She’s 12 years old now lol I now have a 7 month old preemie so is now finally wearing a size 1C in soft bottom shoes. I just wanted to know is a size infant 2 the same as a size 2 in the toddler side? I’m trying to buy shoes in footlocker online and have been confused all morning. Please help!

Postpartum depression

I’m nervous to speak about this but I know it’s a subject that isn’t spoken about often. I’m not here to self diagnose myself but I’ve been feeling off since pregnancy and my babygirl is now 7 months. I’ve decided to speak about it now because I’ve been more embarrassed than anything. I wish I’ve spoken about his before to get the right help that I need. It’s not a situation that is harmful to ... More

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