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Strep? Scarlet fever?

My almost two year old has this rash on every inch of his little body. I took him to the doctor yesterday and she said it might be strep or scarlet fever but his rapid stress test came back negative so I’m freaking out that he’s not being treated correctly. She put him on amox but I’m wondering if I should take him to an urgent care tomorrow for a second opinion. What do you guys think?

Ashley posted in Behavior Mar 20

Trouble at childcare

My almost two year old comes to work with me at a childcare in a gym and recently he has started hurting other kids (pushing, hitting, kicking etc.) He’s always been such a sweet little boy and so kind to others but recently that’s changed. I’ve tried being stern with him and I’ve always tried talking to him nicely and telling him that behavior isn’t acceptable. When we get home I talk to him a... More

Please help ):

My 19 month old son has been really miserable for the past week or so. Throwing really bad tantrums over nothing, hitting me and head butting me and hitting himself, screaming on the top of his lungs and crying constantly. I just got let go from my job that I had been bringing him to with me since he was 3 months old, could this be him adjusting? Idk. I’m starting to feel like I’m not doing any... More

Too much tv?

My 18 month old recent discovered blippi and is obsessed. Before this he never gave the tv a chance now all he wants to do is watch blippi. He’s sick of his toys (Christmas is coming so I’m buying toys for then) and where I live it’s now full blown winter now and hard to get out to the park or for a walk. I’ve been trying to keep him entertain and do creative things with him be he only lasts so... More

Experience with febrile seizures

My son had one about two months ago now he’s really sick again and has a high fever and I’m literally terrified it’s going to happen again. I can’t sleep or leave his side while he’s asleep cause I’m SO SCARED something is going to happen to him. I seriously think I have ptsd from when it happened. I just keep flashing back to my mom holding him and his little blue face and how scary it was ): ... More


I have an 18 month old that I’ve been trying to wean for weeks. He won’t take a bottle and screams for hours when I don’t let him breastfeed. I’m starting to lose my mind. He wakes up between 5-10 times every night to nurse himself back to sleep. What do I do!? Please help. I just want to be done breastfeeding.


Has anyone ever had experience with mastitis? I think I might have it, my boob is very sore in one spot and red where it’s sore and I have flu like symptoms. Of course I’m on google convincing myself I have some rare form of breast cancer 🙄 help before I don’t get any sleep tonight from worrying lol (Side note. I’m trying to wean so I pumped yesterday for the first time in like a year. Maybe th... More


Anyone have any advice on bottles for breastfed babies ?

Tips on weaning

My one and a half year old son is impossible to wean. He can’t fall asleep on his own and has to breastfeed to get to sleep. I’ve tried not giving it to him and laying down with him, rubbing his back or tummy. He screams and screams until he gets it. Last time he screamed for three hours until I finally gave it to him and he went right to sleep. I’m a single mom so dad can’t try putting him to ... More

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