Miramar, FL

Ashley recommended a place Nov 27, 2018


I absolutely LOVE this swim school. And their staff is so incredibly nice. We love going every week for a lesson. So worth it🐠❤️

Fun things to do 🎀

So I’ve been looking for fun activities to do with my 4 month old baby girl. We’re currently taking swim lessons at Goldfish swim school, but I want to consider other activities as well. Any suggestions 🤗

Diaper rash 😞

Hello mommas! my 3 month old baby girl has a really bad diaper rash, looks like a chemical burn maybe from diapers. Is there any recommendations on what to use? I have tied desitin, Burt’s bees diaper cream, A+D diaper rash cream, and also have tried Maizena (corn starch). if you have any other suggestions please help! Thank you!

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