Anchorage, AK

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Cloth Diaper Washing

Dear cloth nappie parents. I need help! I was wondering why my bamboo inserts were looking shabby from the wash after a while and come to find out one of the ingredients (Cellulase) in my detergent is bad for bamboo. Anyone have a detergent that doesn’t have this ingredient in it that is powder detergent and free of fragrances. I know; long list of requirements but we are sensitive to fragranc... More

Preschools in Anchorage

Does anyone have any recommendations for preschools in Anchorage? Mine is almost 11 months and going through the list of how many we have just seems daunting. Any recommendations? What you like about the preschool your LO went to? What you didn’t like? Etc. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Vonda recommended a place Mar 27, 2018


Took their ‘baby yoga’ camp session. It was a blast. Got to workout a little, learn baby massage, meet other moms, and have baby play was amazing. Very relaxing and fun. Getting out of the house and having a set play time during the winter months was wonderful. Would definitely take it again.

We took our son to the museum last month. Although 5 months old at the time he loved looking at all the colors and objects at the museum. He also watched the ball contraption in the Imaginarium. Loved it. We look forward to taking him to the museum as he gets older and can do more. But it was nice to get out of the house and show him something new that he enjoyed. :)

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