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Car seat sickness (part 2)

I want to thank the moms who took the time to reply to my previous post ❤️ I have reclined the car seat & my baby has not thrown up! 😁 However, he will be facing forward soon, & I’m worried that once he does he will begin throwing up again 😩 I’m curious as to how other moms have handled this. Do I keep the seat reclined while facing forward? I have to read the manual again & see if ... More

Car seat sickness?

We jut got our little man a new convertible car seat. Graco Extend2Fit. He’s vomited every time he’s been in it. He’s still facing backward & he never threw up on his other car seat (Chicco Viaro), so I’m wondering if anyone else’s baby has been through this. Is this normal? Should I be worried?

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