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Chris posted in Sleep Aug 31

Sleep regression

My daughter is 17 months and has been sleeping through the night since she was 4 months. This past month she has been waking up every night at random times and sometimes does not go back to sleep for an hour. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she just talks to herself. It can’t be teeth because I don’t see any coming in, and we’ve given Tylenol and she still wakes up. Anybody have experience wi... More

Vanilla extract for teething?

I had someone tell me that they used a dab on a q tip of vanilla extract and put it on baby’s gums. I did some research and found that others have also used this for teething and supposedly it works like magic. Has anybody ever heard/tried this?

Projectile vomiting and teething are they related?

My 5 1/2 month old has been projectile vomiting almost every one of her bottles except for one beginning last night. She’s fine after and is her happy self, no fever, no diarrhea. I felt a tooth coming in could it be related to teething? Thanks!

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