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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the super moms who have helped me when I’ve had problems or questions or just needed to vent! Thank you for being such strong women!

Annie posted in Bathing May 09

Sudden fear of the bath

My daughter used to love taking baths. She’d splash around and play with toys and often wouldn’t want to get out. It seemed like immediately after she turned one she started to hate them. She refuses to sit down and keeps grabbing at me to pull her out. No toy works, I change the temp in case that’s the reason and no temp works. The struggle is so bad that my ceiling below the tub is getting wa... More

Annie posted in Behavior May 05

Am I spoiling my one year old?

My daughter is at the point where she knows what she wants and she’ll throw a fit to get it. I feel like this is a tough age to start disciplining her because she doesn’t talk and we can’t verbally communicate back and forth. For example every once in a while she gets my phone to watch youtube kids, but when I take the phone back she cries and cries and nothing makes it stop until she gets it b... More

Annie posted in Nutrition Apr 28

Baby food pancakes/breakfast ideas

I know this sounds lazy but my baby is a morning girl and I’m still not quite there yet as I still have that internal alarm that makes me instinctively wake up every couple of hours to check on her. Ive been trying to make breakfast every morning for her, but I find myself just repeating the same recipes over and over again. Scrambled egg with a veggie mixed in, some fruit, and toast with some ... More

Transitioning away from formula

My daughter just turned one and I’d like to start weening her off of her formula slowly. What’s the best way to do this while still making sure she gets all the nutrients she needs. Also, she’s very attached to her bedtime bottle, but I’d like to put a stop to that too because I’d like to start brushing her teeth before bed but I don’t want to start until she is done with her bed time bottle.... More

What age should I start brushing my little ones teeth?

My mom thinks I’m silly for wanting to get my LO a tooth brush at 12 months, but she has 9 teeth already and is eating a lot of different food. I don’t normally give her too much processed sugar, but for her first birthday party this past Saturday she did manage to get her hands on quite a bit throughout the day from multiple family members and her smash cake. aI know some of my babysitters fee... More

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