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Teacher and Mom of a sassy 5 yr old.

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Husband very distant?

So I’ve been home since beginning of June because I’m a teacher and doing a lot more with D but it seems that my husband has gotten distant. I feel that he doesn’t need to help because I’m not working and as soon as he come home he’s on his phone or tv. When he gets home we don’t really talk unless it’s about D or things we need to get done during dinner the same and bed time he hugs me for a ... More

Summer schedule for kids?

I usually have a structured schedule for my 5yr old during the school year but it’s summer now and as a teacher I’m just like let me rest and just being way to lenient but now I starting to rethink that. What kind of schedule do you guys give your kids during the summer

Bedtime trouble 🙄

My daughter is 5 about to be 6 in September and she still has to have us sleep with her until she falls asleep or sometimes sleeps in our bed. I don’t know what to do and I want her to learn to sleep on her own. Is it to soon or did I wait to long? HELP

Book recommendations?

So I recently got 1 day each week by hubby to be able to relax in tub and read a book for an hour. I haven’t read a book for enjoyment for 5 years. Does any one have any recommendations for me. I’m open to anything except children’s books

Should you apologize even if it was an accident ?

I took my daughter to a bouncy house play place and this boy hit her in her face on accident *she has a huge bruise on her cheek now. I told the mom and she said it was just an accident and there were a lot of kids to justify it. I said regardless he should apologize and if my daughter would of done it I would make her get down and say sorry because it’s compassionate and most human thing to do... More

Horrible back pain during period

After I had my daughter I have the worst periods ever and to add I get the worst middle/upper back pain ever. I end up taking so much Tylenol through out the day I can’t enjoy anything. Even putting on my bra is bothers me. Does anyone have the same problem and what is the best/strongest over the counter pills for back pain? Should I see a chiropractor?


I started a babysitting job this week but I found out they have fleas at their house because my daughter and I are allergic to fleas and both of us now have huge big red bites all over our bodies I don’t want to put my daughter through the irritation and pain but how do I tell them I can’t continue in a nice way

Pre-Diabetic child?

My daughter just got her blood test results back and the doctor told me she is pre-diabetic. I’m so sad and I cried because I feel like a bad mother. I push myself to make the healthiest foods for her and she does eat vegetables. I don’t know what to do.

My daughter says she doesn’t like school because it’s boring. What should I do?

My daughter is 4 years old because she is a year behind in school because her b day is sept 6, 5 days after the cut off. In her school they start at 18 months she’s in pre-K 3 right now. Since she started pre k 2 she tells me that school is boring and when she started pre-K 3 this year (2XXX-XXXX) she tells me the same thing. What should I do?

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