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Stay at home mom for an adorable almost one year old.

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Raji posted in Safety Sep 24

Kiddo keeps touching, turning on/off stove top knobs 😭🤦🏻‍♀️

Has anyone gone through this; what kind of words did u use to discourage this behavior. She is always in the kitchen when we are cooking and won’t leave the stove top knobs alone. Anytime I try to talk about safety etc. she goes on about all the things in her view. She is 21months.

Raji posted in Gear Guide Aug 27

Any recommendations on a light weight stroller? Kiddo is 20 months

She likes to walk a lot but when she is tired or napping. She’s getting heavier to carry; so need something that we can fold and just hang on to.

When do kids start to recognize themselves in photos? Just curious to know.

My 19month old recognizes everyone but herself; she either says baby or doesn’t say anything.

Anybody else’s kiddo taking a yogurt bath at meal times???

My 16 month old has been trying to use a spoon for a while now with not much improvement. She is able to scoop food on the spoon and bring it to her mouth but then DUMPS it in. She does this twist the spoon in her mouth thing and half the food falls right out. Anybody else go through this....... any tips to help her?? She won’t let us do the hand over hand thing or adjust the spoon in her hand.... More

How to keep daughter hydrated?

My 16 month old daughter won’t ask for water; even if I leave a cup of water around. She’s not a big milk drinker either. Now that it’s getting 🥵; how do I help her to keep hydrated? How do you keep your kiddos hydrated?

Which brand sunscreen are you using this summer on your kiddos?

I don’t use sunscreen ever, but would like to start right with the kiddo. Which brands do you recommend? She is 14 months.

Recommendations on finger paint, crayons or water colors for toddler?

I want to get started on coloring activities with my 14 month old; what safe child brands do you use? 😊

Raji posted in Diapering Mar 04

14 month old cries when put down for diaper change 😭

She used to cry before but lately it’s just really hard to change her diaper. She cries when laid down and then keeps trying to sit up. Anyone dealing with this; any suggestions? Thank you

Any recommendations for a tool box for young toddler?

My daughter is about to be 14 months and seems very interested in all kinds of nuts n bolts. She’s touching chairs, door hinges etc. so my question is any one ever used any tool box with their young kiddo that is not a choking hazard?

Raji posted in Education Jan 14

How to teach one year old the difference between this or that? Is there ASL sign for it?

I want to make it easier to understand when my daughter points at things. I want to know if she wants “this” or “that” between things. How do you communicate with your babies?

Daughter has dry skin

My daughter’s hands, feet and ankles are always dry. We use dove soap for everyday bath and use aquaphor healing cream on her body. I use the cream on her hands and feet multiple times but the skin is always dry. I’m looking for any suggestions that have worked for your babies. Thank you in advance.

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