Nashville, TN

Getting 1 year old to eat table food

My son just turned 1 and I have been giving him some table food, but he just plays with it and rejects it. He eats oatmeal and yogurt just fine. Any advice or suggestions would be great! Thanks.

Easy recipes

I’m making a meal for 6 adults and two 1 year olds. Need something quick, easy, and stress free. Any ideas? Thanks

Almond Milk

Parents who give their kids Almond milk. Do go with original or unsweetened?

Day care

Hi moms, we are moving to Murfreesboro in the beginning of the year. By that time my son will be 1, and I want to find a good day care or even a Mother’s Day our program at a church. I’m looking for something three days a week so my son can be around other kids. Thank you!

Cows milk

My son will be 1 in Jan, and I want to give him a taste of it in hopes he will like it. What type of milk did you moms start your babies with? Thank you!!

Local churches with a good nursery

I’m looking for recommendations on good churches with a great nursery. I’m wanting him to get use to being around other children. My son is 10 months old, and is very attached to me. I want him to get use to being around other children. Looking forward to all your suggestions. Thank you!

Stocking stuffers

This will be my son's first Christmas, and want to put some stuff in his stocking. What do you recommend? My son will be 11 months. Thank you!

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