Muskegon, MI

I’m originally from St. Louis, MO, but stationed with my husband who is enlisted active duty Coast Guard in CA. We have one 3 year old a 15 month old. I enjoy running (when not pregnant), cooking (especially ethnic foods), baking, traveling, and learning languages.

I Hate Nighttime

Can I just vent for a minute and say how much I f*ing hate nighttime??? It’s such a pain in the butt to get my kid to sleep, and it’s probably my fault. She hasn’t had the absolute consistency she’s needed because my husband has always given in to her manipulation when she has tried, and occasionally I have given in to an extra video or two, extra song, etc. She’s the kind of kid where you give... More

Anna posted in Cute Mar 25, 2019

Why We Want To “Nibble” Our Babies 😜

I think about this article I read some years back whenever I am worried I might give my baby a hickey on her face from so much squishy kissing...😂💜

Silliest Kid Advice

What is some of the silliest kid advice you’ve received? Someone told me today that I should rub vanilla extract on my kid’s gums when teething. I understand that it probably worked for her, but vanilla extract is basically straight alcohol (so yeah, I’ll pass on that 😜). A friend of mine’s MIL told her to rub her nipples with sandpaper before she breastfed her kids to ‘prepare’ (ouch!! 😂). Kee... More

Merlin’s Suit Transition/Face Down Sleeper/Torticollis?

My 5 month old has been rolling in her summer sleep Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, so we have still put her in the heavier, bigger winter one. She has started trying really hard to roll in that one as well, so I called the company and they recommended I transition her out of that one too. They suggested keeping the room really cool and putting her in 2 cotton sleepers and a sleep sack to give it we... More

Overwhelmed By Second Baby Schedule

I remember so clearly putting my first baby on a schedule, and how attuned to her day I was. I keep trying to put my second baby on a schedule, but between taking my husband to work, taking my older child to daycare, and running errands during the day, I feel like nothing ever turns out the way I planned. Sometimes I feel like my youngest baby just gets the “fuzzy end of the lollipop” (to quote... More

Take Time For Myself?? 😂😂😂

Can I just say how much cliché posts about “Take time for yourself” and “take care of yourself”, blahblahblah, annoy me? Someone posted a FB post on my feed that said that their masseuse advised them that it is important to take time for themselves. Many times, I see these posts directed towards moms in a somewhat patronizing way. I find that most people who post these kind of posts obviously ... More

Super Baby to Fussy Baby

My baby was born a decent sleeper-she was finally starting to do very predictable stretches, some even 4.5 or 5 hours. We practiced the “pause”, would observe her, and she really didn’t have any problems with nighttime sleep. Now she is almost 3 months and she is suddenly a different baby, waking every hour crying and upset. She seems okay most of the time when held, but a few minutes after she... More

Doesn’t Like Mommy

My daughter looooves her daddy and says regularly to me, “I don’t like you”, and also says, “I don’t like Mommy” to her Dad. When we ask why, she says, “Mommy is not nice.” As I am actually very nice to my daughter but yes, I do set boundaries with her, this is a little confusing. We both practice positive discipline, no hitting, etc. I have definitely been a bit more stressed lately because I ... More

Baby Awake for Long Periods??

Anyone else have a newborn that for some reason isn’t sleeping well during the day? This is a more recent phenomenon. She’s about 5 weeks. She isn’t super fussy during these times, has had enough to eat, is just...awake. She had some small stretches of sleep this morning, but has been awake all mid-morning to afternoon and this isn’t the first time. Help!

Pyloric Stenosis

Has anyone’s baby had this? What symptoms did he or she have? I’m concerned my baby might have it.

Guilt for Bringing Home Baby...?

We just brought home our beautiful new baby. Our 2 year-old seems to absolutely LOVE her, which I’m thrilled about, but I’m still feeling guilty. I had planned on coming home and spending some quality time with our toddler, but when I try she doesn’t seem to be that excited about spending time with me. She’s always been a bit of a daddy’s girl, but now that I’m spending more time attending to t... More

C-Section Experiences?

So I’m due with my second baby soon, and this baby is frank breech and has been pretty much the whole pregnancy. This means I could be heading toward a c-section. I’ve never had one, and I’m terrified!! Can anyone tell me their experiences—hopefully positive—to help me through it?

Anna posted in Funny Jul 02, 2018

You know you’re a parent when... catch yourself whistling the theme to “Sesame Street” when you’re entirely by yourself. Your turn!!

Re-Potty Training...

I really need some advice from those who have been in the same or a similar situation. I started potty training her at about 20 mos intending to use the “Oh, Crap!” potty training method. After about a week, she seemed to be catching on well, so we moved into phase 2. We kept going, but she eventually regressed and started resisting the potty and peeing on the floor and having little “turd-cide... More

OK To Wake Clock

Has anyone used an okay to wake clock or something similar to help kids with night waking or early rising? I’d like to get some opinions from people who have tried them or something similar.

Best nursing/sleeping bras?

Hey all, I tried breastfeeding (bf’ing, if you will) with my first and it never happened. We were on the cusp of a military move, she was 4.15lbs, we were fighting, my lactation consultant was just a bully, and it was awful and exhausting. Anyway, I want to try again with baby #2 (due Sept) and am wondering which breast pump people like, and why. I have heard great things about the Spectra, a... More

Anna posted in Sleep May 05, 2018

I hate everything right now!!!!

Okay, so I’m being dramatic. But we are going through a major sleep regression (2 year), some either illness or allergies (?) possible teething, and 2 year-old cognitive leaps at the same time. Oh, I’m also 23 weeks pregnant with our 2nd. Because our 2 year old’s sleep schedule is off, she has been throwing screaming tantrums before nap time that are uncontrollable unless I physically remove he... More

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